Ever gone swimming or diving and not been able to get the water out of your ears after a dive?

Well, a new product was introduced at the Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that should help keep your ear canal dry.

The “EarShield” is a spray that coats the ear canal with a water-repellent barrier made of Olive, Mineral and Tea Tree oil. After about four to six hours, the body absorbs it, so you don’t need to remove it.

The little sprayer bottle is packaged in a plastic, injection-molded carrying case that sports a resealable lid, allowing the spray applicator to be carried in dive or swim bags without it being accidentally spilled. The case is also water resistant and floats if it’s dropped into the water.

The EarShield retails for US$23.95/22.06 Euros. You can remove the ear actuator for cleaning, and the product itself can be used up to 200 times, according to the company.

For more information, check out the EarShield website at earshieldusa.com.