Stig Pryds from Denmark and Japan’s Sayuri Kinoshita took first place overall in the Men’s and Women’s divisions of the 2018 Blue Element International Freediving Competition held this past weekend in Soufriere Bay, Dominica.

Organized by Jonathan Sunnex, divers competed in the Constant Weight (CWT), Constant Weight No Fins (CNF), Free Immersion (FIM) disciplines as well as the Alchemy Bi-fins Challenge.

Pryds took first place in the Men’s division with an overall score of 264 points from dives in the CWT, FIM and CNF disciplines, while Kinoshita led the Women’s division with 248 overall points from top dives in all of the traditional disciplines plus she won the Alchemy bi-fins Challenge with a clean performance to 83 meters.

Nicolas Winkler of Grenada (photo by Daan Verhoeven)

The USA’s Kurt Chambers took home second place overall and New Zealand’s Sunnex took the bronze in the men’s division, respectively. For the women, Colombia’s Sofia Gomez Uribe and Canada’s Sheena McNally took second and third, respectively. Nicolas Winkler of neighboring Grenada scored a personal best and a new national record every time he dove; garnering himself a total of six records during the 2nd edition of the burgeoning competition in Dominica.

For all the results and videos (including a bunch of national records), check out the Blue Element Facebook page.

Final scores from the Blue Element International Freediving Competition