Thursday, June 13, 2024

PSI-PCI Introduces New Training Programs


Professional Scuba Inspectors-Professional Cylinder Inspectors (PSI-PCI) have both developed and updated existing courses to provide a more professional and streamlined learning environment.

PSI-PCI recently debuted a new Visual Inspection Class, which is ISO compliant and up to the minute on cylinder inspection. It is also one of the only courses utilized by the manufacturers themselves. In 2019, PSI-PCI also updated their Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician (OCCT) course which to this day is used by NASA. This course is the only one in the dive industry that meets all regulatory requirements.

In January 2023, PSI-PCI is introducing a Valve Repair Technician course which is another elite program in the industry that happens to be the only one recognized by the manufacturers, the US Transportation Department and the Compressed Gas Association. The valves that PSI-PCI have are extremely robust. They have been tested for space, deep submergence and are even currently being used by the US Navy.

Lastly, for inspectors, PSI-PCI will offer a Cylinder Fill Station Hazmat Training Program. This will allow any instructor who has gone through the course, and all training materials, to return to their own dive shops and teach their crew on hazmat fill training.

PSI-PCI offers training both on site and virtually. To find out more about courses and updates within the agency, visit

Sarah Barrett
Sarah Barrett
Sarah has always had both a love and curiosity of the ocean. After learning how to dive in 2012, she quickly made the decision to pursue a career in diving. Sarah now works as a Scuba Diving Instructor and spends most of her free time in the water shooting underwater video.