The Pulaski salvage project has been extended to 2020 after an agreement was reached between Endurance Exploration Group and Blue Water Ventures International.

The new timeframe allows for more vessels and equipment to be brought in to better salvage the wreck. According to Blue Water Ventures’ Keith Webb:

“With the amount of material recovered, we’ve only scratched the surface of the Pulaski recovery. A thorough archaeological study along with recovery operations will require at least two years to complete.”  

The Steamship Pulaski sank on June 14, 1838, 30 miles/48 Km off the U.S. coast of North Carolina. The disaster led to the loss of 128 people, although there were 59 fortunate survivors.

Check out a video of the wreck below.

Steamship Pulaski
Steamship Pulaski

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