After two days of chasing one of the busiest men in the dive industry, caught up with Paul Toomer, global training director at RAID and Mark McCrum, recreational training director to find out about the merger with one of the USA’s leading outdoor recreational safety certification bodies in North America, Kalkomey.

The merger at base level means the team has grown from a three-man operation running the show to a 70-person, financially strong team.

Toomer says:

“Working at RAID at this time is incredible, but for RAID dive centers it is about to get real exciting.” 

Having already released two new courses, there are plenty more in the pipeline.

Performance Diver is a “baby fundamentals” course open to newly certified Open Water divers all the way along the spectrum to CCR divers. It is slightly lighter than traditional fundamentals and has more focus on teamwork, propulsion and trim.

The Drysuit Course has been revamped and brought back to the traditional values of drysuit diving still based around the two open water dives. RAID have been working with suit manufacturers to create more graphical learning materials and a more thorough, tailored learning experience.

The RAID complete force has so much coming up, including new courses across the board, new event calendars, and more appearance at shows across the globe.

Don’t worry though, the family values won’t be lost in the growth. You will find these divers splashing with friends all over the world so don’t be afraid to join in, GO RAID!

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