RAID Launches Whale Shark Specialty Course

RAID International has launched a Whale Shark specialty course.

There’s definitely something that whale sharks have that captures the imagination of just about every diver who’s had the privilege of swimming with these large, harmless fish.

To that end, RAID International — in partnership with the Sharklife Conservation Group — has launched a new course specifically designed for diving with whale sharks.

This particular speciality course can be taken by certified divers, accomplished snorkelers and freedivers alike.

The course is designed to introduce divers and snorkelers to the whale shark species by helping people develop an understanding and knowledge of whale shark biology and behavior. Additionally, students will learn techniques for diving with whale sharks.

During the classroom portion of the course, students will learn about whale shark taxonomy and classification; distribution and habitats; biology; and behavior. The course also includes a conservation section which focuses on the threats facing whale sharks and their conservation status.

The Open Water portion will include estimating the whale shark’s size, verifying its sex, as well as watching its behavior and swimming patterns.

RAID’s Barry Coleman says:

“We believe this is a very innovative way of looking at shark species. Traditionally most training agencies focused on sharks in general. Sharklife and RAID have joined forces to bring you individual shark specialities that identify their unique characteristics.”

For more information, contact your local RAID dive instructor or check out the SharkLife Training Website at