Reef Smart Guides Featured At DEMA Show 2019

Reef Smart Guides at DEMA Show 2019

Ian Popple, Managing Director and Peter McDougal, Editorial Director showed off Reef Smart’s beautiful Guides, Books and a Wall Map, which make wreck and reef sites much easier to dive and be more fulfilling, at this week’s DEMA Show in Orlando.

All of their products are very accurate with loads of information showing the best way to safely see and appreciate the dives, and they even include the wrecks’ histories as well as fish and marine life you’re likely to see.

Dive shops and charter boats are using the wall maps and briefing charts to enhance the learning process for students and experienced divers.

Wreck Panel from Reef Smart Guides

Presently they have numerous dive sites in Barbados, Bonaire, Florida Keys, Broward County Florida, Palm Beach County Florida, North Carolina, Palau, Truck Lagoon, Cayman Islands, and many more coming soon!

Guides are US$9.95 (~9.03 Euros). Books are $34.99 (~31.75 Euros), except Bonaire which is $39.99 (~36.28 Euros).

For more info, check out the Reef Smart Guides website.