October 12th 2002 – a date etched into the memory of many Freedivers and those that follow the sport of Freediving.  A date of that awful day in the ocean off Bayahibe, Domincan Republic.  A date on which people watched and waited for seconds and then minutes for their hero – a real life mermaid – to come back from the depths she had plummeted to attempting to break a world record in No Limits Freediving.  A date when the world stood still.

A date when Audrey Mestre died pursuing the dream she loved

We’ve all mourned her loss in our own personal way yet since that date we’ve had an epic story filled with tales of intrigue, speculation of murder, official accounts, two books being released (The Last Attempt & The Dive) and finally – last year – a major ESPN documentary on the events surrounding that fateful day.

On this day – 12 years later – we look back and remember Audrey – RIP