Freediving lanyards have become my favorite piece of equipment for one special reason: they can literally be the difference between life and death for a freediver. There is a reason why they are required in freediving competitions, and I believe every freediver who trains on a line should invest in a freediving lanyard.

A First Look

Freediving Planet EVO5 Lanyard.
Freediving Planet EVO5 Lanyard.

Freediving Planet’s new EVO5 Lanyard is bright, impossible to miss, and super stylish. At the time of this review, it is available only in red, but Freediving Planet is planning on releasing it in other colors in the future. The lanyard has a coated wire, which is very important as wires without coating tend to get warped over time and, after a certain point, can fray and accidentally cut you (hello, tetanus vaccination). The wrist strap is thinner than the EVO4 and has a simple Freediving Planet logo patch on it with a bright-yellow quick-release tab. The stitching is reinforced in all the right places, especially around the D-ring on both sides, which is an added safety measure. The wrist strap is also super comfortable with additional padding on the inside, so even if it is on your bare wrist, you can barely feel or notice it.

Reinforced stitching on the Freediving Planet EVO5 Lanyard.
Reinforced stitching on the Freediving Planet EVO5 Lanyard.

The EVO5 comes with an aluminum carabiner, and it is very lightweight, weighing in at only 180 grams. It has a large wire gate carabiner with a sizeable gate opening, which is especially springy and responsive when opening and closing the gate. It also swivels at both ends, at the wrist strap and at the carabiner, which is excellent for preventing the lanyard from getting tangled as you are descending down the line. As an instructor and for my own training, this is a really important feature for me. I also really appreciate the flexible attachment between the cord and the neoprene strap, which make it much more comfortable when hooking the lanyard onto yourself.

Quick-release tab and flexible attachment between the cord and the strap of the Freediving Planet EVO5 Lanyard.
Quick-release tab and flexible attachment between the cord and the strap of the Freediving Planet EVO5 Lanyard.

The EVO5 also comes with the option of an 80cm or 90cm length cable, which is useful for people who might prefer a shorter lanyard for CNF (Constant Weight No-Fins). The only negative I see with this lanyard is that it does not come with a quick-release carabiner, which some freedivers might prefer to use for CNF with a CNF belt. But a quick-release carabiner can be purchased separately and easily switched onto the EVO5.

Final Thoughts

There really is a lot to love about the Freediving Planet EVO5 Lanyard. It looks great, functions perfectly is extremely comfortable, and is made with the highest standards of safety in mind. It is approved for freediving competitions, which means that it is an outstanding choice for your own training sessions, and is definitely competitively priced. Without a doubt, I fully recommend the Freediving Planet EVO5 Lanyard!


  • 80 or 90cm length cable
  • Light and comfortable neoprene strap for ankle or wrist
  • Bright-yellow quick-release strap
  • Light, but tough carabiner (Marine-grade CE Mark Aluminum)
  • Flexible attachment between the cord and the neoprene strap
  • Strong and durable cord
  • Light and small D-ring
  • Weight: 180 grams


  •  $55 USD / ~£42 GBP / ~€48 EUR

More Info

Freediving Planet EVO5 Lanyard
Kristina Zvaritch
Kristina, an AIDA, PADI, and Molchanovs W2 Freediving Instructor, discovered her love for the sea as a PADI Divemaster in Dahab, Egypt, where she shared the Blue Hole with freedivers and developed a serious passion for the single-breath sport. Nowadays, when she isn’t nose-deep in a novel on the beach, Kristina likes to train depth, and often pretends to be a mermaid when her buddy isn't looking.

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