Renowned artist, Rogest, is well known for his beautiful artwork with a mission to educate others and play a role in marine conservation. Rogest has partnered with the Marine Science Magnet Program at New River Middle School in Fort Lauderdale, FL to continue his passion and spread it to others.

The program focuses on marine education and real life environmental issues and conservation topics. Rogest taught a dot style art seminar to the group, a very time consuming yet beautiful method of art focusing on small dots of paint that create a remarkable larger image. The groups amazing artwork was displayed at this years DEMA and was auctioned off to attendees. The proceeds from the auction go directly back into the school to continue promoting the program and marine conservation to future generations.

Rogest also featured a quality shirt line with his artwork displayed that generate revenue for his business with small proceeds going back to youth marine education. For more information visit and

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