A really cool-looking documentary on a reclusive Southeast Asian group of people called the Moken who live eight months out of the year on small, wooden boats is scheduled for release this month.

The film, titled “Sailing A Sinking Sea” and directed by Olivia Wyatt, features a ton of underwater footage of the waters off Thailand and Myanmar where the Moken live.

Wyatt said in a radio interview that she and a friend used a GoPro camera along with a Eumig Nautico Super 8 camera as well as a Canon G1X to shoot the underwater footage:

“With the GoPro I would do things like attach it to the spear, facing in different directions while the men were fishing. I just tried to get as creative as I could. Shooting underwater was not easy for me; I mean, I’ve been a certified scuba diver for seven years, but it’s a whole different world when you’re trying to shoot in strong currents.”

The film, which premiered at South By Southwest in 2015, will be available for purchase on demand via Vimeo on May 13, 2016. Check out the trailer below for more info, or go to the film’s website at sailingasinkingsea.com.

‘Sailing A Sinking Sea’ Documentary Due For Release On May 13
‘Sailing A Sinking Sea’ Documentary Due For Release On May 13