Yesterday in New Zealand, freediver Dave Mullins blasted through to deliver a new personal best and yet another new Dynamic World Record at Naenae Pool, Wellington. Mullins swam 244 metres in 4 minutes, two seconds, adding 18 metres to the WR he set on Friday.

AIDA judges were Grant Graves (USA, Level A) and Walter Steyn (Aus, Level E).

Mullins has reflected on his performance here in the DB forums, “Basically I didn’t push too hard on Friday because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do my best swim on the first day, bit too keyed up. Luckily I got it just right and broke the record by a metre, which took some of the pressure off. Then I increased my neckweight so I could pack a bit more and tried out the new configuration with a relaxed 100m swim on Saturday. It felt good so I went for broke on Sunday. I was eying up the end of the pool but thought better of it. Probably a good thing too, I was on the edge.”

Mullins was just shy of making his fifth turn in the 50m pool.