San Diego lobster poacher strikes – AGAIN!

“June 30, 2001

From the San Diego Union Tribune this morning:

A San Diego man who admitted taking spiny lobsters from the La Jolla Ecological Reserve last year was arrested this week on suspicion of poaching.

Department of Fish and Game officials said they watched Marc Sosnowski take 75 to 100 lobsters from the Casa Cove area of La Jolla and deliver them to a restaurant.

Only 7 lobsters can be taken at a time, and lobster season is from October to March.

Sosnowski is suspected of improperly catching the crustaceans by spearing them and taking only the tails. He also is suspected of taking at least one abalone, a mollusk that cannot be fished in southern California because of its limited population.

Sosnowski could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Fish and Game authorities impounded his car, searched his home, and seized his diving equipment. Charges are pending.

Sosnowski, 33