Saturday, January 23, 2021

Sartek develops modified housing for GoPro HD Focus Fix


Sartek, best known for manufacturing underwater lighting, has developed a modified housing for the GoPro HD cameras to address the focus issue of the cameras underwater. They modify the original housing with a flat port made of borosilicate (similar to pyrex) and secure it with a delrin ring producing a very polished and professional product. In stills and videos shot in resolutions less then 1080p, there might be slight vignetting noticable.  Each housing is pressure tested to 240 feet and Sartek will guarantee it up to 180 feet. The company is also in works of developing an all new delrin housing specifically for underwater use that will be rated to 750 feet with an estimated price point of $250.

Sartek sells the complete package of camera and modified housing for $350 or just the housing for $100.  They will ship the modified housing by itself internationally.  Both products are available now with the delrin housing expected in December of this year. 

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Sartek develops modified housing for GoPro HD Focus Fix 3 DEMA Team
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