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Science On A Mission From The Heart

DeeperBlue.com was lucky enough to get an interview with Dr. Eric Terrill of Scripps Institution of Oceanography while covering DEMA Show 2014 this past weekend. One of his recent collaborations with the BentProp Organization and the University of Delaware successfully used sophisticated underwater vehicles to locate the lost wreckage of a World War II aircraft.  BentProp, a non-profit organization, has been working hard in search of many wreck sites of U.S. airmen who never made it home after giving their lives for their country. It is a truly touching mission which was beautifully captured and featured at the GoPro booth during DEMA Show 2014.

Through the combination of passion and research instruments brought forth by the team working in Palau over the past year, an amazing underwater discovery of the USS Princeton was made. Dr. Terrill described the emotions of finally laying eyes on the wreckage after all of the preparation and work building up to that moment and it sent chills up my spine. What an exhilarating experience and wonderful success in locating these missing Americans deserving recognition.

The waters of Palau are a hot location for the intriguing work of BentProp due to the heavy military activity in this area during WWII. The development of underwater robotics vehicles by an advanced robotics student group at Stockbridge High School helped to advance the search for the most recently discovered vessel. These instruments covered in multiple camera systems aid in mapping and searches of the sea floor. This wonderful application of technology along side a beautiful mission really show the strength of collaboration.

The inspiring efforts of their expedition to Palau in 2014 have recently been featured in CBS’ “60 minutes” with Anderson Cooper this past Sunday. Being highlighted on CBS and by GoPro have come at a great time to share the hope of this story with patriots and divers alike. As DeeperBlue.com was present for the live screening of the GoPro feature of “Palau: Searching For Heroes,” it was easy to see the ability of this story to touch the hearts of many in the audience. Viewing the short video is certainly recommended. You can also follow BentProp’s upcoming projects and collaborations at their website.

— Natalie Blea


John Liang
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