Sunday, October 17, 2021

Scuba Cuba! Hot New Diving Guide Released


Cuba Scuba Cheap Bars, Cuban Cigar, Vintage Cars and 3000 Miles of Pristine Dive Sites.

Just Released! The first edition of the much- awaited Diving Guide: Cuba Scuba by Amy Houghton. Travel with the author as she explores The Pearl of the Caribbean and details over 500 dive sites in and around Cuba’s exquisite coastline.

The US trade embargo of Cuba has created an insatiable desire among US divers, to taste the forbidden fruit, either in person or through the personal experiences of others. Approximately 80,000 Americans visit Cuba each year and many of them end up diving the walls and canyons of the waters off Cuba. Call for special trade discount pricing schedules and offer this high demand source book to your members.

Cuba Scuba offers the reader an intriguing insider’s look into the culture of this Caribbean island, with easy to read, detailed information on travel, immigration regulations, prices, dive centers, hotels, certification and equipment. Also included is a bonus section on the private paladares (private restaurants) and listings of excellent bed and breakfasts in Havana. Published by Cruising Guide Publications, Cuba Scuba is available now with a $24.95 Retail price.

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