Scuba Exam Apps for iPhone Given Major Update

Scuba Exam App Gets Major Update
Scuba Exam App Gets Major Update

If you like using smartphone apps to study for scuba diving certifications, you’ll be pleased to hear that Swedish software company Boboshi’s scuba diving application Scuba Exam has received a major update.

Scuba Exam was first released in 2010. Since then, it’s helped thousands of people on their way to getting their dive certification.

The New York Times even called it “an ideal helper for beginners who need to pass certification tests.”

Diving expert Tec Clark of and director of the Nova Southeastern University Academic Diving Program helped develop Scuba Exam.

For the new version, Clark reviewed and improved every question as well as the theory guide. He has also added dive table questions for the SSI and NAUI certification agencies.

The updated app also sports several new features: The theory guide now features search and bookmarks. It also keeps track of where you were when you last stopped reading. The quiz section has several new configuration options. For example, you can limit the quiz to only show questions that you have answered incorrectly in past quizzes. Or you can have the quiz immediately show you the correct answer to a question.

Scuba Exam contains more than 200 scuba theory questions and 50 dive table questions for PADI, NAUI and SSI dive tables. Each question features an in-depth explanation of the question and its answer.

The Scuba Exam theory guide covers basic scuba diving theory in 17 separate chapters.

The app is available as a free “Scuba Exam Lite” version along with a more robust version that sells for US$4.99/4.38 Euros.

To download the Scuba Exam Light version from iTunes, click here, and for the $4.99 version click here.