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ScubaRadio takes bite out of shark statistics

In an effort to provide a more complete picture as to what contributes to shark attacks, ScubaRadio and the shark researchers at the Global Shark Attack File have joined forces to create SharkAttackFile.com.

Before SharkAttackFile.com, shark attack statistics for the current year were not being posted on the web. The media and any interested parties would have to contact the curator of the International Shark Attack File and request this data. Unfortunately, this particular curator has been acting as an arbitrary gatekeeper and controlling who has access to this data…most of which consists of public information.

This data became especially relevant to divers during the "Summer of the Shark." During this media feeding frenzy, many damaging statements were made about specific shark attack incidents that implicated Florida shark dive operations as a possible cause. The curator of International Shark Attack File had limited experience with this type of diving and would not openly provide specifics about particular cases. Without access to this information, it was difficult for divers to defend themselves against these arbitrary accusations.

SharkAttackFile.com corrects this problem by posting the latest shark attack statistics for the current year. Anyone with web access will be able to look at this data, investigate specific cases, and construct their own opinions. You can also submit additional incidents and information about particular cases.

"The more we learn about what may have triggered an unfortunate encounter, the safer everyone can co-exist with these wonderful creatures," says Greg The Divemaster (The host of ScubaRadio)

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