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SDI, TDI Announce 2003 Insurance Program

SDI Logo Applications for 2003-2004 instructor liability insurance which goes into effect July 1st were mailed out earlier this week from Willis North America and are also now available on the website

Peter Meyer made the decision to move from Marsh Canada earlier this year to Willis due to the fact that our program has grown so large that SDI/TDI needed more resources of a larger broker. There is no need to be concerned, Lloyds of London still underwrites the policy and the move was made to allow better service.

SDI/TDI is extremely pleased to announce that due to their excellent safety record they are able to offer a policy at an extremely competitive price for the industry. To their knowledge, the SDI/TDI insurance package represents the lowest premiums with the broadest coverage of any agency.

They have made a special effort this year to provide information as early as possible. SDI/TDI concluded their renewal negotiations months ago, and are happy to announce their program well in advance of expiration dates on June 30th. This allows time to get the application in early and to ask any questions industry professionals may have.

Their are five options of purchasing coverage:

1. Traditional Instructor Liability Insurance Coverage for entry level scuba programs such as our SDI program as well as NAUI, PADI, SSI etc. (this policy also covers for Nitrox with no limit on the mix i.e. 22% to 100% and for semi-closed circuit rebreathers).

2. Technical Instructor Liability insurance An additional option to the base policy that will include coverage for all entry level dive training as well as all technical level programs. This option is available this year at NO CHARGE to all members holding ratings to teach technical programs.

3. Divemaster Liability Insurance A policy for those who only supervising previously certified divers.

4. Assistant instructor Liability A policy for those involved in certification training or for supervising previously certified divers.

5. Facility Insurance This policy is quoted for the direct needs of the facility. In prior years, insurance has been extremely competitive with these rates. Options include but are not limited to pool, vessel and store. You even have an option to insure all your instructional staff on this policy. Please fill out the facility application and fax it directly to Willis, for your quotes 604-683-5746.

SDI/TDI invites you to compare their prices with NAUI, SSI, PADI, etc. And find their insurance to be the best buy and will cover you for ALL AGENCY PROGRAMS!

Please carefully read the fact sheets on the website as it should clarify any questions. Insurance is the primary element of modern risk management and is strongly recommended all instructors to obtain coverage.

Be sure to get the applications in by June 30th so there will be no lapse in coverage. New instructors may file for insurance at any time. And, as before, may process insurance applications by fax with a credit card from VISA or MASTERCARD or by mail with a check or money order. Coverage is effective immediately upon receipt. Please note that all insurance applications need to be sent directly to Willis, Inc., our brokers. The address information is provided on the insurance package forms.

In addition to keeping SDI/TDI coverage the broadest in the industry, they have added another bonus: For $580 each instructor receives his/her own personal diver’s medical insurance providing up to $100,000 in costs for diving related injury, air evacuation, hospital and chamber fees, etc. The program is through DiveSafe and offer similar medical coverage’s as through DAN or PADI but with no depth or equipment restrictions and no deductible.

Keep this package available to compare against other agencies offerings that may be announced at the last minute. We encourage you to contact Willis North America or SDI/TDI headquarters to answer any of your questions.

SDI/TDI Headquarters 888-778-9073 207-729-4201 207-729-4453 fax

Willis North America 800-665-5252, 604-605-3688, or 604-683-5746

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