SDI/TDI Unveils New Encyclopedia

SDI/TDI, the fastest growing scuba diving training organization in the world, continues its tradition of bringing high quality, informative materials to its clientele. Many of its instructors and divers have inquired about a complete listing of commonly used terms as applied to diving and SDI/TDI have designed just the manual for them!

SDI/TDI is proud to introduce the newest edition to their library of outstanding texts. "The Complete Encyclopedia of Diving Terminology" is a comprehensive listing of commonly used diving terms and explanations all in one. Authored by SDI/TDI Training Director Joe Odom, this text provides words and terms that you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask! "The Complete Encyclopedia of Diving Terminology" caters to those with a broad range of diving knowledge from the most experienced of instructors to the novice diver, this text it will serve as a reference guide for many years to come, says Stephanie Miele, Sales Manager of SDI/TDI.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Diving Terminology may be ordered as item 410013 and is $25.00. For more information or to place an order please contact SDI/TDI Headquarters 888-778-9073, 207-729-4201 or [email protected]


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