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Sea of Change: Reef Rescue & Rapid Response Grants

Sea of Change Foundation announced at DEMA Show 2019 that their Reef Rescue & Rapid Response Grants are now available!

The foundation’s mission has always been to create positive change today and for the future generations. The leaders that started this impactful foundation are asking for divers’ help, and in return want to help provide funding for people who see a negative action affecting the aquatic realm and want to do something about it!

The Reef Rescue & Rapid Response Grant does differ from the foundation’s Conservation Priority Grants already in place. These grants range from US$500-$5000 (~452-4523 Euros) per project, and they will vary depending on the aid required for the project and also when funding is available. For example, a dive shop owner in Mexico recognized the negative impact that the cruise lines have on the local coral reefs. With funding, they would have opportunity to see which (if any) corals survive in the unnatural conditions, and how to “negotiate” with the cruise lines. They see that there needs to be something done about it, and hoping that with action local coral reefs can be restored. The grant would cover immediate costs, such as boat fuel, staff time, handheld GPS units, etc.

Knowing that you have a financial aid to help support our preferred atmosphere’s health, its time to start responding. You can help now by assessing damage and documenting, and applying for the Reef Rescue & Rapid Response Grant.

Divers simply fill out a short application providing information about the incident, and how they plan to help. Start by sending an email to Info@seaofchange.com or donate today at www.seaofchange.com.

Bethy Driscoll
Bethy Driscoll
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