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Sea & Sea USA Introduces U/W Digital Camera

Sea & Sea AquaPix Sea & Sea USA, the global leader in underwater imaging gear, is set to unveil the AquaPix, the world’s first amphibious digital camera. With all the advantages in digital technology available today, the AquaPix is the next step in this evolution.

This impressive model was built specifically for underwater digital photography and this fall, the AquaPix will help bring digital underwater photography to even more divers and aquatic enthusiasts.

The unique design of the AquaPix unit is just the beginning. Additional impressive features, available for the first time with this latest Sea & Sea model, are a built-in color filter and close up lens (patent pending). The DX-3100 also features a built-in flash and light diffuser that enables users to obtain the best exposure possible automatically. This feature works in tandem with the auto-programmed white balance that instantly adjusts exposures based on a diver’s depth for near perfect images with every shot. An added feature the AquaPix provides is instant flexibility for the user to change from no-flash to red-eye reduction flash to automatic or standard flash functions. "The new AquaPix camera represents a major breakthrough in underwater digital photography," points out Ron Pavelka, General Manager of Sea & Sea USA. "When it comes to underwater imaging today, digital is king. Underwater housings for digital cameras were a great start, but having a digital camera built exclusively for underwater use takes things to a completely new level. We’re pleased to present the AquaPix camera as the next generation of underwater cameras."

Pavelka points out the DX-3100 is perfect for resort and casual use. Many dive resorts with photography operations have expressed strong interest in the new camera because of its flexibility, adaptability and user-friendly price. Pavelka said the AquaPix will carry a suggested retail price of just $619.

The attractive AquaPix camera features an attractive lightweight cover that’s grey with yellow accents. A built-in macro lens allows photographers to capture images as close as 10 cm (under 4 inches), or normal focusing distance of 30 cm. A convenient self-timer feature means divers can occasionally even get into the shots themselves.

Like many Sea & Sea models, the AquaPix is designed for flexibility and adaptability. Conveniently, the new model can easily accommodate the 20mm wide-angle lens. A popular Sea & Sea feature also allows divers to actually change lenses underwater during a dive. The AquaPix model offers this same feature.

The Sea & Sea DX-3100 also can use Sea & Sea’s most popular strobes, the YS25Auto, YS90DX and YS90Auto. This helps deliver even more lighting control and diversity for underwater photographers seeking special exposures and lighting conditions.

The AquaPix is a 3.1 megapixel camera that contains 16 MB of onboard memory out of the box. Additional memory can also be added using SmartMedia technology, making the DX3100 one of the most versatile digital cameras available to the dive industry. The AquaPix can also capture up to 3 minutes of video, which can be saved in the AVI Mode. Software that comes with the AquaPix allows users to store, manipulate and edit images.

With an automatic shutter speed range of 1/40 to 1/1000 of a second, the DX-3100 automatically adjusts to whatever light conditions exist. This extensive range of shutter speeds helps get the shot right virtually every time. Photographers can then preview the image right away on the 1.6 inch preview screen conveniently located on the back of the unit.

The Sea & Sea AquaPix unit will debut at the DEMA Trade Show in October and is available for shipment to retailers immediately. More details about the AquaPix camera and the entire range of Sea & Sea Underwater Imaging solutions can be found on the Sea & Sea website ( or by contacting your nearest Sea & Sea retailer.


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