SEA2004 International Underwater Photo Competition Announced

Northern California Underwater Photographic Society is announcing its 40th annual international underwater photographic competition; "SEA2004" and the "Bob Commer Award: Image of Excellence in Underwater Photography." We are accepting film and digital entries in macro, wide angle, underwater California macro, underwater California wide angle as well as prints, creative prints and video. The deadline for entries is October 9th, 2004.

SEA 2004 is one of the longest held competitions for underwater photographers. The unique Single Entrant Single Prize Point System allows winning entrants to choose their own prize. Last year’s competition received entries from 14 states within the US as well as 15 countries internationally. This year it is our goal to expand the contest throughout even more countries …. Pass the word along to your friends, clubs and dive partners.

Entry forms, rules, further information and the sponsor list are available on our website at or please contact Roeland Papen, Director of SEA2004 at [email protected]