SEAC Unveils Guru Dive Computer

The New Guru dive computer from SEAC launches this November

SEAC has announced the launch of its new dive computer, the Guru.

The dual algorithm computer (Buhlmann ZHL-16B and VPM-B) will be available in four colours: red, blue, white and black. The watch-style dive computer offers a host of features including 2 gas mixes, and 4 diving modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and Freedive.

The new computer will feature a USB rechargeable battery for ease of charging, and has the options for integrating with a transmitter, as well as support for oxygen analyser integration.

The Guru dive computer also offers a host of sensors including a magnetometer, altimeter, thermometer, barometer and pedometer. It will also feature a digital compass to aid in navigation both on land and underwater.

The Guru will be available for purchase in November 2017 and will retail for £410/US$544/464 Euros.

For more info, check out the SEAC website.

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