Seahorse takes to the sky with the all new aircraft carry on case

COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Seahorse, manufacturer of high quality, certified watertight, airtight, dustproof, crushproof carrying cases announced their newest ???????HURRICANE??????? model, the wheeled SE920 series carry-on case. This new SE920 Series case is wheeled for ease of transport and designed to carry onboard airlines. Fashionably styled, the SE920 unique design is smooth and handsome, with a rugged good look that belies its ferociously rugged construction that protects your valuable equipment inside.

Nearly 800 more useable room inside than competitive carry-on cases. The SE920 Series case is the largest sized carry case of lightweight, watertight, dustproof, airtight, tough co-polymer polypropylene plastic case designed to fit in airline overhead bins.

Wide-track 3??????? wheels provide stability and easy pull-along characteristics while winding

your way through airport ???????people traffic???????. The telescoping tote handle on the SE920 is just the right length to prevent bumping the back of your legs. Flush with the bottom side of the case, the covered recess for the built-in telescoping tote handle has a drain hole to allow ???????wash-down??????? should your case get muddy or exposed to salt water. Its sealed wheel bearings mean you can pull the SE920 through sand and mud without damaging or binding the wheels or axles.

The ???????HURRICANE??????? SE920 is available empty, with die-cut matrix, cubed foam. Available in four colors, the latest addition to the Seahorse ???????HURRICANE??????? case line has all the exclusive features that Seahorse cases are famous for around the world.

Features common to all Seahorse ???????HURRICANE??????? SE Series cases are:


???????EXCLUSIVE Hidden, Safe from Outside damage, Automatic Purge Relief System

???????EXCLUSIVE Totally Non Magnetic Construction

???????EXCLUSIVE Available built-in Chrome or Plastic Locks on the latches

???????EXCLUSIVE Molded-in Panel Flange and Screw Holes

???????COLORS – Black, Gunmetal Gray, OSHA Yellow, International Orange

???????ALL SIZES fit Airline Overhead Bins (Except SE1220 Series)

???????WATERTIGHT, Airtight, Dustproof, Crush Resistant, Non-Corrosive

UV PROTECTION ??????? non-fading colors

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