SeaLife has introduced two new sets for its Micro 2.0 underwater camera: the Sea Dragon 1500 Pro and the Sea Dragon 2500 Pro.

The Sea Dragon 1500 Pro includes the Micro 2.0 Camera that features 32GB worth of memory, as well as the Sea Dragon 1500 light. The Sea Dragon 2500 Pro features more digital storage (64GB) along with an added “Flex-Connect” arm.

Both sets will feature a “Flex-Connect” grip and tray and can easily be expanded with accessories that can be  attached to the Flex-Connect.

The Micro 2.0 is a permanently sealed underwater camera with a depth rating of 200 feet/60 meters. It can shoot 1080p 60fps and 1296p 30fps video, and features a Lithium-ion battery capable of more than three hours of continuous video or more than 1,000 still images.

The Sea Dragon 1500 light has a 120-degree beam, giving the underwater shutterbug plenty of coverage for the Micro 2.0 camera’s fisheye lens. Its rechargeable Lithium-ion battery has a 70-minute burn time at 100 percent power, two hours’ burn time at half-power, and four hours at a quarter power.

The Sea Dragon 2500‘s battery has a 60-minute burn time at 100 percent power, with the same burn time at 50 percent and 25 percent that the 1500 does.

Both camera sets also come with a compact case that fits the camera, light, tray, and grip.

The 32GB Sea Dragon 1500 Pro and 64GB Sea Dragon 2500 Pro sets will both be available at SeaLife dealers beginning next month.

Alone, the 32GB Micro 2.0 camera retails for US$499.95/469.52 Euros and the 64GB model retails for US$549.95/516.48 Euros.

When coupled with the lights and other accoutrements, the 1500 Pro Set will retail for US$789.95/741.88 Euros, and the 2500 Pro Set will retail for US$999.95/939.10 Euros.

For more info on all of the camera’s technical specs, check out the SeaLife website.