Sea&Sea Introduces New Strobe Dive Camera Light

Sea&Sea Introduces New YS-D2 Strobe
Sea&Sea has introduced its new YS-D2 underwater strobe light.

Sea&Sea has introduced a new strobe light for its line of underwater cameras.

The YS-D2 Strobe features an “Audible Confirmation” function, giving the diver through-the-lens exposure control as well as telling him/her when the flash is set to fire.

Additionally, the new strobe light also has a rear panel that glows in the dark.

Other new features include a red-filtered, dual-powered target light, a wingnut-style fixing bolt, updated control knobs and a new battery compartment design.

The YS-D2 will be available on July 15 and retails for US$719.95.

For more info, check out the Sea&Sea website.