SEA&SEA Unveils Underwater Housing For Nikon’s D500 Camera

SEA&SEA Unveils Underwater Housing For Nikon’s D500 Camera

Nikon’s latest camera, the D500, has really brought out the competitive juices among companies that make underwater housings.

SEA&SEA is the latest one, with its recent introduction of the MDX-D500 housing. This new housing, the company claims, has a “compatible internal Optical YS Converter” instead of the “external TTL converter connector” used on Nikon’s previous MDX-300 model.

The MDX-500’s levers sport a new design, and it also features luminescent buttons for better visibility in low light. Additionally, underwater shutterbugs can swap lenses while on the dive boat without removing the back of the housing, and operate the diopter adjustment dial from the housing.

The housing also sports a pair of fiber-optic cable sockets, an N-Type (two-pin) connector as well as an HDMI accessory port.

The MDX-500 will be available for purchase in July 2016 with a retail price of US$3,599.95/3,265.85 Euros. For more info, check out the company’s website at

SEA&SEA is not the only company to unveil a housing for the D500. Check out Aquatica’s offering here.