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Shark Attacks Seal Very Close To Shore

A large shark recently caused panic and mayhem in Cape Cod, Massachussetts when it fatally attacked a seal within a stone’s throw of the water’s edge. The dramatic moment was captured on camera and broadcast on CBS News.

Just After 13:30 local time on August 21, a suspected Great White attacked the seal near the shoreline. Video captures the horrifying moment as the seal tries to make it to the safety of the shore despite bleeding heavily from the attack, while at the same moment panicked beach goers and surfers can be seen scrambling to get out of the water very close from where the attack happened. The beach was closed after the incident.

While the attack was the most dramatic incident of the day, it was by no means an isolated one. During the day there were nine large shark sightings on the Cape. According to Thayer Wade who shot the footage:

“I looked up and saw the dorsal fin and the tail of what was a great white shark.”

This incident is just the latest of the summer, where several beaches have being closed due to shark sightings.

You can read the full CBS report here, or check out the video below.

SourceCBS News
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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