‘Of Shark And Man’ To Premiere In Australia Later This Month

Of Shark And Man Title
Of Shark And Man Won Two Awards At The Nice Film Festival

The first official Australian screening of the award-winning feature documentary “Of Shark And Man” will take place on Wednesday, March 29th at Queensland University’s Schonell Theatre in Brisbane.

Five years in the making, “Of Shark and Man” is the feature debut of U.K.-based filmmaker David Diley, and tells the untold story of Shark Reef in Fiji, a place where locals live side by side with sharks in a world where, far from the villain portrayed in western media, sharks have built an economy of their own and brought a once-dead reef back to life.

The story is told through Diley‘s eyes, an ordinary, 32-year-old from the U.K.’s industrial north who risked everything to fulfill a lifelong dream, one which finds him in the middle of a feeding frenzy with a hundred of the world’s biggest Bull Sharks.

“Of Shark and Man” has been described as having “some of the most brilliant nose-to-nose shark cinematography ever filmed.”

Diley‘s documentary is a two-time “Best Film” winner alongside awards for Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Sound Design, with additional nominations for Best Director and Best Science and Education. It has already generated international acclaim for its unique approach to storytelling in the field of shark documentaries.

Event organiser Nick Kermode says:

“Queensland, Australia has one of the most amazing coastlines in the world and is home to The Great Barrier Reef. But it is also home to the most destructive shark culling program in the world as well. The program was born in the 1960’s out of fear and misunderstanding and continues to this day. Of Shark and Man dispels the myths this marine destruction is based on and engages viewers with David’s spectacular cinematography. I cant wait for the film to screen in Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, to what will be a full house.”

At the screening, a raffle will take place for attendees with the top prize being a week’s diving in Malapascua with the Thresher Shark Divers.

Tickets for the screening are available now and can be purchased online on Australia’s eventbrite.com page.

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