Friday, December 4, 2020

Sharkskin Offers New Freediving Suit


For competitive freedivers finding the perfect exposure suit is paramount to achieving a clean performance. The inventive people at Neptune Sports, makers of Sharkskin technical exposure protective wear, have developed a prototype for what may be the next Yamamoto leap for freedivers and spearfishing fanatics. Neptune Sports’ Managing Director Shane Holliday let us examine the supple yet durable rubber material which they believe will be a game changer. The Neptune suit is made of special rubber that is 30% more hydrodynamic and has a higher closed cell structure making it warmer — but the secret lies in this material’s ability to retain its integrity even if pierced or if a tear occurs. We especially like the separate slick-skin vest  and eagerly await the prompt delivery of our very own suit to test for DeeperBlue so that when we don our new Neptune suit, metaphorically speaking, we’ll slice through the water like a hot knife into butter! This neoprene-based suit will be manufactured in Australia and will be distributed there as well, so for now the rest of us will have to live vicariously through this sneak peek video of Neptune’s new killer suit.

Sharkskin Offers New Freediving Suit 3 DEMA Team
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