You can now dive one of the most famous wrecks off Roatan: The “Prince Albert” from the shores of the Fantasy Island Resort Gazebo. The wreck is conveniently located in front of the resort beach, and now a rope and guideline has been laid to the site of the wreck.

The “Prince Albert” lies in 18m/60ft of water at its deepest point, with the main deck resting at 11m/36ft. The wreck is 165ft/~50m long and has spent the last 30 years in the waters off Roatan. During that time, it has become a haven for marine life, and is teaming with critters, critters, creatures and is also home to a variety of soft and hard corals.

The ship has many holes cut in it, so certified wreck divers can penetrate the wreck and explore its internal structures.

Find out more information here, or check out a video of diving the Prince Albert below.