SI TECH has announced the introduction of three new dry glove systems that marry up to its SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring system.

The three new systems are called NEVA, OBERON, and LIANA.

The NEVA system allows you to install the NEVA ring into the SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring and simply pull over the NEVA glove.

SI TECH’s NEVA Dry Glove System

The OBERON system is a version of the VIRGO quick-lock dry glove system that works with the SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring.

SI TECH’s OBERON Dry Glove System

The LIANA system is a version of the glove that is fully compatible with the SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring.

SI TECH’s LIANA Dry Glove system

Currently, all three systems are only available in size L, because the SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring system is only available in size L. However, the company says there are plans to introduce S- and M-sized SLÄGGÖ Flex Rings, and once they hit the market, gloves to match the new sizes will follow.

For more info, check out the SI TECH website.