If the president of the United States has been to Cuba, shouldn’t divers get the chance to check out the island nation’s waters too? Well, the folks at SingleDivers.com think so.

Consequently, SingleDivers.com announced this week that there are still spots open for its dive trip to Cuba from October 8-14 aboard the M/V Spree liveaboard charter boat.

You’ll start your trip by boarding the Spree in Key West, Florida, from which you’ll sail to Hemingway Marina just west of Havana and clear Cuban health (seriously, if you’ve got a cold, you’ll be taken straight to a Cuban hospital, no kidding) and immigration. A guided tour of Havana is included, along with diving off Cuba’s north shore.

SingleDivers.com founder Kamala Shadduck says:

“When you mention Cuba, you think of Cuban Coffee and Cigars, but NOW you should think of DIVING!!! Cuba evokes so many idealistic thoughts including the vintage cars and colorful homes, the original Sloppy Jo’s, Hemingway and JFK. It is essentially a portal back in time.

“But now it evokes thoughts of pristine diving and seeing her underwater world before it is irrevocably changed by the tsunami of commercial investment and commerce about ready to hit the island.”

An additional bonus to the trip is that singer/songwriter Pup Morse the Scuba Cowboy will be traveling aboard this charter. Spaces are limited to 14 divers and a few spots still remain open. SingleDivers.com is also offering a special rate for dive shop owners who want to “see Cuba” before running their own trip.

Prices for the trip range between US$3,650/3,251 Euros to $3,763/3,352 Euros. For more info, check out the SingleDivers.com website.