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Are you a single diver? Is your spouse/significant other just not into diving? For the past 11 years, has catered to divers who want to travel to cool dive spots but need a buddy.

A couple of months ago, updated its website with a host of new features, including a new system to make booking your dive trip easier:

“Our new site has been several years in the making and like everything so special about, utilizes the talents of our members including the developer, photographer, and content creation gurus. And we’ve listened to our members who have given us feedback on critical ‘must fix’ processes as well as ‘great to have’ ideas. We’ve implemented numerous member suggestions including our new easy to use, robust shopping cart style booking system that has fully integrated payment and document components.”

Signing up and paying for a trip as well as setting up the proper documentation now takes about 15 minutes, according to the website.

For the rest of 2015, upcoming trips include Bonaire from September 5-11 with prices starting at US$1209; Wakatobi on October 12-23 for $5730; Belize (Sun Dancer Liveaboard) on November 21-28 for $2573; and a New Year’s trip to Cozumel from December 26-January 2 for $1324.

For 2016, destinations include a Raj Ampat Dive Damai II Liveaboard in January and/or February, Palau in March, Truk in April and the Philippines in May.

For more information check out the website or their Facebook page. has updated its website. has updated its website.