Italy-based Scuba Nitrox Safety International this week at DEMA Show 2013 introduced a new line of dive manuals formatted for U.S. readers.

All the materials in the manuals — from basic open water to technical to instructor — have been changed from the Metric system to the Imperial system.

“The fulfilment of a didactic program focused on air dives, the Air Program, and the new programs of the Technical line (Gas Mixtures and Rebreathers) are the core of our didactic system. Without leaving behind the almost immediate entrance in the RSTC Europe. In fact, in 2000 SNSI was welcome to be part of the top international organization which regulates and includes all the main diving educational agencies: RSTC Europe (Recreational Scuba Training Council).”

The Open Water Diver bundle — including the manual, DVD, C-Card application, etc — will retail for $69.80.

The Advanced Open Water Diver bundle will retail for $78.50.

The Recreational Nitrox Diver bundle will retail for $56.60.

For additional prices for technical and instructor levels, check out SNSI’s website at

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