The Freediving and Spearfishing Apparel company Speared shook up the spearfishing industry a few months ago with the announcement that they were developing a wetsuit that went against the industry standard of “open cell” suit interiors. Instead they teamed with Henderson Wetsuits, one of the biggest names in wetsuits, to create the Novo wetsuit.

Justin Baker wearing the new Speared Wetsuit. Photo by James Ferrara

The suit’s liner is made from Henderson’s proprietary Fire Fleece, a soft fleece type lining that allows divers to get into their suits without the need for lube. The “open cell” suit that most other manufacturers make has proven to be fragile, ripping sometimes just from a fingernail. The Fire Fleece has created a comfortable, flexible, durable, and easy to get into, suit.

Speared spent almost a year testing the suit to be sure the Novo suit was going to be the best product they could release. They tested everything from the stretch of the rubber, compression, thermal tests, and temperature tests. What they found is that the spearfisherman out there could have their cake and eat it too. The suit is just as warm, has more stretch, and better thermal properties as the leading brands in the industry.

To read real diver reviews and to see more info visit The suit is available through Speared’s network of dealers as well as through their website. The retail price for these suits are: $369 USD for the black, $399 USD for the camo.

Justin Baker wearing the new Speared Wetsuit.