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Spearfishing – What’s It All About?

Spearfishing is something many people are curious about. Lots of spearfishing videos are not really made from the perspective of an outsider, so I have put together a selection of some of the best videos I have found that capture the lifestyle, enjoyment and stoke that spearo’s experience.

There is nothing quite like catching your own dinner in arguably one of the most sustainable fishing practices.

Take a look at the Spearfishing video selection below and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Harvey Bates

First up is a young guy called Harvey Bates with a video he put together of his experience on the  New South Wales coast of Australia. Great watch for people interested in having a go at spearfishing from shore.

If watching Harveys video made you curious check out our how to get started shore diving series here

Perrin James – Kahu Wai “people of the water”

Is a sensational film shot with Hawaiian people engaging in their age old fishing practice but with the advent of modern day freediving safety training. Perrin James has many videos that give people a look into the heart of modern day ocean hunting.

Aquatic Rehab TV

A New Zealand based film maker, Luke Potts captures the stoke of pursuing the elusive and clever snapper with his films. Check out this North Island based video

If you enjoy Lukes style, check out more of his videos including tutorials at his new channel on Patreon here or listen into a great interview on Noob Spearo Podcast, where he shares tips, tricks and insights into spearfishing hunting techniques

Inhale, the Azores in One Breath

Filmed on a remote archipelago 600km off the coast of Portugal with a world champion spearo and gifted film maker, I simply could not leave this film out.

David Ochoa is a videographer to watch as he loves traveling around the world and collaborating with like minded and talented people to produce the next generation of spearfishing films.

Underwater Ally Productions – Riffe Life

This two minute quickey by Jessie Cripps & Michael Takach presents the fast paced excitement that often accompanies spearfishing adventures. These two characters from downunder know how to have a laugh and share it through their films.

Isaac Daly
Isaac Daly
Isaac 'Shrek' Daly is a Brisbane based spearo who blogs and co-hosts for the Noob Spearo Podcast. The Noob Spearo is for people interested in spearfishing who want to be better spearos. For those who just getting started to veterans, Noob Spearo is worth checking out