Tuesday, July 23, 2024

SSI Rolls Out Their New Youth ‘Explorers’ Program


Scuba Schools International’s new Explorers Program is changing the game for aquatic experiences offered to kids ages 6-11.

Replacing “Scuba Rangers,” SSI is featuring this new program at DEMA Show 2022 in Orlando, Florida.

Components include:

*A fun, colorful and interactive manual that guides children though their course which begins with “Blue Oceans”: environmental education that promotes an awareness of the need for conservation and earth-conscious practices.
*Introduction to Snorkeling where kids will learn the fundamentals of what all diving is based upon.
*A choice of becoming a Scuba, Mermaid or Freediving Explorer earning “recognition ratings” age-appropriate to what their parents might have in a confined water setting.
*The choice of up to 22 additional Specialty Ratings like Shark Ecology, Rescue, Underwater Model and Introduction to Nitrox. Kids have the ability to develop their knowledge and rating levels all the way up to “Master Explorer.”
*Included in the child’s manual is a log book that gives them the opportunity to look back at all they have accomplished.
*Manuals are available both in book and digital formats and available in English, German, Spanish, and Italian.

For more information and pricing, check your local dive shop or go to divessi.com.

by Jennifer Morgan

New SSI Explorers Course Unveiled at DEMA Show 2022
New SSI Explorers Course Unveiled at DEMA Show 2022
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