SSI Unveils Three New Digital Specialty Courses

Scuba Schools International has released three new dive specialty courses that are available on the company’s tablet/smartphone app.

As of May 1st, the company’s Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility and Deep Diving specialty courses have been available digitally on the SSI App.

“Experiencing these three specialties using our new Digital Learning System will make learning more exciting and interactive for . . . students who will reap all the benefits of being able to learn anywhere, anytime,” the company said.

To download the app, click here.

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  • Hi,
    it seems it is not true... just installed the app and no Deep and Night courses available
    I have both specialties already certified, if it is a condition...
    Could you reconfirm the news with SSI please?

    Additionally the old app was much useful and has plenty of stuff - dive planning hints, checklists, First aid etc... current app is really poor of functions - cards, signals, and dive log only....