Stream2Sea’s sunscreens have earned the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory’s Protect Land & Sea Certification (PL+S), guaranteeing they do not contain any ingredients known to be harmful to coral, fish, turtles and sea life.

According to HEL:

“Plastic bead results were negative; no plastic beads were detected after the product was digested with nitric acid, the solution neutralized, elutrated with a lithium chloride solution, filtered onto a 0.5 micron PTFE membrane filter, then examined under a microscope.”

The PL+S certification is another step toward proving the safety of Stream2Sea’s products, confirming full disclosure of what the company states on the label.

According to Stream2Sea, most brands that applied for testing did not meet those high standards, finding contaminants from ingredients or the manufacturing process. Many showed up with chemicals that are known to cause harm to the coral and yet still carry the label “reef safe.”

If the scientific nitty-gritty interests you, check out the results of HEL’s testing here or watch the video below.

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