Strong Performances Continue at Deja Blue 7

The DB7 depth competition rig from below! Photo by Joakim Hjelm

The PFI Deja Blue 7 competition in the Cayman Islands continues with numerous Personal Bests and a new National Record for the Cayman Islands with Jeremy Walton completing an 82m/269ft Dynamic Apnea swim in the pool for his second national record in the pool during the competition.

The competition has alternated between pool disciplines and depth disciplines with the points accrued from all disciplines on offer.

The leaders of the comp are Meghan Gilmore for the women and Kurt Randolph for the men with two days of competition still left to go.

PFI Instructor and new USA National Record Holder for DNF, Tom Gilmore, ascending from a Constant Weight depth performance. Photo by Joakim Hjelm

Safety is almost paramount with the PFI safety team, led by President and Founder Kirk Krack, using advanced “technical freediving” techniques to ensure both athletes and supporting crew are as safe as possible.  Krack explains the techniques in the video below.

The full athlete standings after day 5 can be seen below.  Saturday will see athletes compete in both pool and depth disciplines and the last day Sunday will be depth only.

Deja Blue 7 – Athlete Standings after Day 5