The 53rd annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards have produced some truly stunning images from our oceans.

The awards ceremony was held at the Natural History Museum in London on October 17th. While the wining photo is the tragic image of a Bull Rhino that was shot for its horn, there are some great underwater images that have won other categories.

One of the most dramatic images which won the “Earth’s Environments” category is titled “The Ice Monster” by Laurent Ballesta (see above). The image is of a huge iceberg taken from under water, as it dwarfs three scuba divers hovering around it.

Other ocean-related winners include an image of an octopus in a sea of spider crabs, taken at the moment it grabs one of the unfortunate crabs. A photo of a large group of Sperm Whales near the surface won the “Behaviour Mammals” category.

You can check out the awards at the Natural History Museum site here, or watch the awards ceremony below.