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2012 Dahab Festival Freediving Competition

Freedive Dahab have announced that between 15th - 20th April 2012 they will be holding a 2 day Freediving competition where you can decide...

AIDA International publish 20th Anniversary Logo

AIDA International, the international federation for Freediving, has announced a new logo for it's 20th anniversary in 2012.The federation was founded by French Freedivers...

The Votes Are In! People’s Choice Best Freedivers

The votes are in from AIDA nationals around the globe for the Suunto sponsored “Best AIDA” freedivers. Nearly 2000 eligible AIDA freedivers from New...

2012 AIDA World Championship Website

This year AIDA will celebrate its 20-year anniversary so it is only fitting that France - the country where it was founded - will...

People’s Choice – Cast Your Vote for the Best AIDA Freedivers

The nominations are in and AIDA have announced the finalists in the 2011 Suunto sponsored "Best AIDA" Freedivers.

Vote for the “Best” in AIDA Freediving

AIDA International has announced a call for nominations for the 2011 “Best” AIDA freedivers in the following categories:Best Male Freediver Best Female Freediver Best Male Newcomer Best...

UK National Freediving Championships Announced

The British Freediving Association has announced that the 2012 UK National Pool competition will take place on 10th and 11th March 2012 at the...

AIDA International announce new Freediving Instructor Trainers

AIDA International, the global freediving federation, has announced that 5 new instructors have been granted AIDA Instructor Trainer status.  This is the highest level...

Diver on a leash?

World Champion William Trubridge offers his point of view on why he believes competitive freedivers should not be tethered to depth lines via a lanyard and how the counterballast system could be incorporated into certain events.

Blog: AIDA – The Future

The new AIDA President, Kimmo Lahtinen, kicks off a new series of blogs on DeeperBlue.com with his first entry on the work ahead for AIDA in 2010

And Now, For My Next Magical Trick

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik surveys the diving world in era of A.B. - After Blaine.

AIDA Worlds 2004 DVD : Way to Goh!

Peter tells our eyeballs where to go.

In Depth Feature: Tom Sietas and His Anti-Doping Challenge

Peter Scott gets to the bottom of a deepening mystery. A must-read.

Support Diving for the AIDA World Freediving Championships 2004

Laura, head of the FreeDiving Support Team "The Angels", explains the support logistics at the AIDA World Championships
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