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World’s Absolute Freediver Awards 2011

On May 31 2012, APNEA.cz announced the results of the annual award for the best and the most complete freediving competitors. The World's Absolute...

Video from Fazza Freediving Championship 2012

Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Executive Council Dubai, the 2012 Fazza Freediving Championship is...

Vote for the “Best” in AIDA Freediving

AIDA International has announced a call for nominations for the 2011 “Best” AIDA freedivers in the following categories:Best Male Freediver Best Female Freediver Best Male Newcomer Best...

Surf Survival Training Camp for Red Bull Focuses on Freediving

Maya Gabeira and Sally Fitzgibbons are world class surfers. These ladies charge the biggest waves and encounter very real life-threatening situations in oceans the...

[apnea] The Book is now Available

Frederic Buyle, the freediving photographer, has announced the launch of his first coffee table style book - .Fred has spent the last 30 years...

Listening to your Body, Greek World Championships 2011

Our favorite South African freediver and founder of the "I Am Water Ocean Conservation Trust" offers a personal anecdote of why freediving athletes should remember to listen to their bodies - even when the message is in conflict with a personal goal. (Hanli's headshot courtesy of Charlie Dailey)

DEMA 2007 Special: Day 1 – 31st October 2007

The DeeperBlue.net DEMA 2007 Team report from the show floor after Day 1

Cross-Training for Freedivers: Part I

Contributor Peter Scott surveys the many trails which can lead one to the peak of performance.

Freediving Turned Me Into a Wussy

Staff Writer, Paul Kotik, recounts the road less traveled to a better understanding of what freediving truly is to many.
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