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747 Jumbo Jet Converted Into Artificial Reef Off Bahrain

A retired Boeing 747 was recently sunk to become an artificial reef off the coast of Bahrain, where it will rest at around 24 meters/79 feet below the surface to allow novice divers access to the aircraft at shallower depths.

New Artificial Reef Building Technology Receives Funding Boost

ARC-Marine has received a grant from Marine-i to help develop their artificial reef system.

Casino Boat Sunk To Create Artificial Reef Off Florida

The El Dorado, a casino boat damaged twice by hurricanes, has been sunk to create an artificial reef off the Florida coast.

1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Project

"This project promote eco-friendly awareness and support for the ocean, but it will also become the stage for a world-renowned snorkeling destination, research opportunities, eco-tourism, and countless other benefits."

Artist Hula Paints Artificial Reefs Underwater

There's a new art installation off the coast of Hawaii that's meant to bring attention to the threats the oceans face from pollution and other environmental dangers.

Former Sea Shepherd Vessel Steve Irwin Could Become Artificial Reef

The M/V Steve Irwin, which until late last year served as the flagship of the Sea Shepherd environmental group, could be taking on a new role as an artificial reef.

PADI Announces Support For Artificial Reef Project

PADI announces its support for the USS Clamagore Artificial Reef Project.

Spiegel Grove Artificial Reef Celebrates 15th Anniversary Next Month

Fifteen years ago, the former U.S. Navy amphibious ship Spiegel Grove was sunk to create an artificial reef in the Florida Keys National Marine...

U.K. Company To Build Modular Artificial Reef To Protect Crayfish

A small company in the U.K. wants to help protect that country's indigenous white-clawed freshwater crayfish population from extinction. ARC Marine is constructing a custom-built reef structure...

Ships to Reefs Sinks Boats From Our Past To Ensure Our...

DeeperBlue.com stopped by the Ships to Reefs booth at DEMA Show 2016 and chatted with organization President Joseph Weatherby about the group's continuing mission and how it has been changing...

‘Lady Luck’ Sunk As South Florida’s Latest Artificial Reef

The Lady Luck, a 324-foot/99-meter tanker vessel formerly known as the Newtown Creek, recently became the latest ship to be sunk as an artificial...

Using Tires To Make An Artificial Reef Sometimes Isn’t The Best...

Sometimes what seems to be a good idea can wind up being terrible in hindsight. Take, for example, an effort in the 1970s to create...

Latest Underwater Art Exhibit Now Available For Viewing At Vandenberg Artificial...

Who says you can't get your cultural fix while scuba diving? The Vandenberg artificial reef off the Florida Keys is once again an underwater art...

New Artificial Reef Getting Started Off Baja California

Have diving Baja California on your bucket list? Well, the area now has a new attraction. A decommissioned Mexican Navy patrol ship was sunk recently...
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