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Freedive Bimini with Oceanicallstars

Nestled just east of the Gulf Stream, is an incredible underwater paradise -- the gateway to crystal clear waters and  amazing wild dolphins are two islands...

Bahamas’ Blue Holes to reveal new life forms

Deep down in three ocean abysses in the Bahamas, some cave divers have discovered some hot spots of microbial life. These ocean abysses, commonly...

Vertical Blue Announces an “Open Event” for 2012

Vertical Blue has established itself as one of the world's premiere freediving competitions boasting:        - more records (18 world records and 110 national records at its last four events)        - more...

Tiger Beach: Paradise Worth Protecting

Executive Director and Camerawoman from Oceanicallstars, Jillian Morris shares her love of sharks and Tiger Beach with DeeperBlue.

Shark Free Marinas

When she is not globetrotting as an underwater videographer, Jillian Morris is doing her part to help save sharks and educate the public to do the same. Read about how they are doing it in the Bahamas with the Shark Free Marina Initiative.

Going Deeper: Will Trubridge's Master Class

Regular DeeperBlue.com Writer Christopher joins us to tell about his time in the Bahamas Blue Hole and joining Will Trubridge's Freediving Master Class

Scuba Shark

This brief article comes to us from one of our newest (and youngest) contributors -- Oliver Boyce. DeeperBlue.com is happy to share Oliver's first impressions of a reef dive after getting scuba certified. The dive site was Fowl Cay Marine Reserve in the Bahamas.

Ten Days in the Hole: A Review of the Aeris...

Underwater Gadget Addict Chris Morey takes us on a ride in the Bahamas, with Aeris well anticipated F10 freediving computer.

Vertical Blue 2008: The Way It Should Always Be

Peter Scott on location with Updates and behind the scenes reporting on the Vertical Blue competition at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas.

Sharing the Truth About the Shark "Attack" in the Bahamas

Christopher Chin explores the truth about and the implications of the tragedy in the Bahamas.

Eleuthera and Harbour Island Bahamas — Part II

Looking for a dive vacation that doubles as a ???family trip???? Branon continues his look at the Bahamas

Eleuthera and Harbour Island Bahamas — Part I

Looking for a dive vacation that doubles as a ???family trip???? Branon takes a trip to the Bahamas to give you this report
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