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Check Out This Concept Video For The World’s Deepest Pool

Remember that announcement last year that the UK was getting a new, really, really deep pool called the Blue Abyss, making it the largest...

You Can Help Fund The Build Of Worlds Deepest Pool

We've heard before about the ambition to build the world's largest and deepest pool in the UK called the "Blue Abyss".  Now imagine helping...

Your Vote Can Help Build The World’s Deepest Pool

The recent announcement that a new 50m Diving Pool and Science Facility, called Blue Abyss, is to built in Essex, UK in 2016 has...

World’s Deepest Pool To Be Built In The UK

Europe has seen it's far share of deep pools - the 28m Submarine Escape Training Tank (S.E.T.T.) in the UK, 33m Nemo33 in Belgium...
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