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California Dreaming – Diving Southern California

California diving might not be a place you will think of first when thinking of a dive vacation. It does offer a style of...

Mission Blue Organizing Online Petition To Protect The California Plastic Bag...

The folks at Mission Blue are campaigning to ensure that California's plastic bag ban, which faces one final hurdle, goes into effect after this...

Four New Species of Shark Identified

In 2011, researchers at the California Academy of Sciences added 140 new relatives to our planet's family tree. The new species include 72 arthropods,...

Shark fin bans – a wave of conservation efforts

Shark populations are in peril and conservationists are teaming up with lawmakers to ban sharkfins. That approach has met with great approval - until now.

Dancing with Demons – The Giant Humboldt Squid

Writer and DeeperBlue.com Contributor Scott Cassell writes about his extraordinary diving experiences with giant Humbolt Squid, down in Baja California. Jules Verne was right after all...

Cetacean Elation: Gray Whales

Resident Creature Expert and Staff Writer Abi tells us about the extraordinary Gray Whale

Diving Specialty: Kelp Diving

Kelp diving is more than just swimming through an underwater forest; it might even involve the kelp crawl
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