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Hollis’s Prism 2 Rebreather Approved For Sale In Europe

Hollis's Prism 2 Rebreather has been approved for sale in Europe, the company announced last week.

Divesoft To Host Its First Instructor Summit In Italy

Divesoft to host its first Instructor summit in Italy during October 2019.

CCR Software Update For Garmin Descent Mk1 Now Available

Garmin has issued a software update that adds closed circuit rebreather (CCR) support to the Descent Mk1 dive computer.

Trimix Dives To Deep Sites Off Cocos Island Announced

Are you an experienced rebreather/trimix diver with a hankering to check out deep dive sites off Costa Rica's Cocos Island?

If You Want To Attend DiveTech’s 2017 ‘Innerspace’ Rebreather Event, You...

If you can't get enough of diving with a closed-circuit rebreather rig and want to meet other like-minded souls, a really good place to...

Island Tec Retreats Has New 2016 Dates For Roatan, Palau

Remember back in June when DeeperBlue.com reported on a group of dive resorts around the world offering a really cool series of technical diving...

Tekdeep To Host rEvo Rebreather ‘Try Dives’

For two days later this month, Tekdeep UK will be demonstrating the benefits of rebreathers, with one model being showcased in particular. Divers interested in...